Important updates

Hi there! If you’re still following this blog, I’d like to kindly ask you to update your links to

This is where I post all of my new content such as updates to my planning system and the opening of my new Etsy store :) 

I’m moving

I know this blog hasn’t had a good sprucing of new content for awhile, but I took the plunge and have moved to greener pastures here:

Decade Thirty

It’s a newer, fresher look, and will hopefully get my arse into gear and update regularly. Many thanks to mates who helped me get this up and running =)

If you’ve linked back to my blog at all, please update the links accordingly. Email me if you have problems with this. Much appreciated and see you soon!


timeline 17122014

As part of growing my creativity next year, I’ve decided to create the Decade Thirty Timeline series. I haven’t decided on what particular day I’d do this each month, but the premise is documenting a 12-hour time frame in four pictures with associated thoughts (just because I like visuals and writing).

timeline 17122014

This is my third last day at work.


“This will ultimately save me this morning.”


“How many points do I need to rack up to qualify next year? Hmmm, 20?! Yup, doable in a couple of hours.”


“I need to find this file so I can wrap up this year’s caseload.” [turns around to see packed up boxes after the office move] “Fuck that.”


“Green juice – mmm, nom, nom!” [gag] “I’ve just aspirated an entire vegetable patch! Not so nice green juice today.”