9 fun things to try

Even though my activity status on this blog hasn’t been very regular, I still seem to find the odd time, now and again, browse through the net and social networks. I thought I’d share some of these interesting finds, and I’m going to choose at least two of them to do next year.

1. Snail mail

When I was younger, I used to have two pen pals I regularly wrote to, and since email became the norm, I haven’t actually kept in touch with either of them. I used to write monthly letters to friends back in Brisbane when I lived interstate or overseas, and now that I’m living back here, I just don’t do it. A couple of months ago I came across Papered Thoughts’ Mail Tag post inspired by the lovely Bianca Jagoe of Goodnight Little Spoon. It’s a fun way of getting to know someone through the post. I love following this hashtag on Instagram!

2. 52 Lists

If you hadn’t guessed already, I LOVE making lists! I found this link by Moorea Seal, who creates pages for your lists. There’s also the lists created by Pippa of Meet Me at Mike’s. I’ve done a couple of these before and loved the concept, and was definitely a task that I can keep coming back to when I had a spare moment.

3. 52 weeks of drawing

In a past life, art was basically my life. There was never a moment when I didn’t have a sketchbook to draw in, actually, it didn’t really matter what was around me, I was always drawing. The Paper Mama released this awesome mind map/illustration of weekly challenges. This will definitely be something that could set off those artistic sparks again.

4. Doodle-A-Day Challenge

In the same light as above, Stick Girl Productions posted these cute prompts on her Instagram feed.

5. “1 Page at a Time” by Adam J. Kurtz

I bought Keri Smith’s “Wreck This Journal” many years ago, and invested a good year into it, only to lose it during one of our many location moves. I’ve been enquiring at several local bookstores for this book, but no one seems to have it. I might have to order it online after all that!

6. “Currently…” lists

Lists again, I know! Gotta love them! There are so many versions of these, that I just need to pick one and run with it haha!

7. Photo A Day Challenge

I see these all the time on Instagram, and I think I’ve always been seriously time poor, and end up taking crappy photos

8. Journalling Prompts

I’ve wanted to get back into daily journalling and there are several websites that I use for journalling topics, when I’m out of ideas. This might be a good idea going into next year.

9. Free Planning Pages

I’ve considered publishing a few planner page creations onto my website. There are a lot out there, and it’s just a matter putting them out there now, I guess.

So, my questions to my lovely readers are:

  • Which two challenges should I do?
  • What tips do you have in motivating yourself to keep going on each challenge?
  • Where do you get your inspirations from?

Happy Sunday everyone!



I’ve been reading a few blogging, writing, reading, etc. challenges online the last couple of days. I was in contemplation of starting one up to ease the monotony of unemployment, but then I realised that once I actually start working again, I probably won’t be able to sustain it.

I enlisted myself to take part in InCoWriMo for 14 days in February, and MoreLoveLetters on a fornightly to monthly basis. I’m not particularly part of any blogging networks or such, and quite frankly, I do this because I love writing. I’m just out of ideas, and this was where I ended up the last time I attempted blogging. Hmmm, maybe I need to find a specific topic of interest for this blog, but anyhoo…

Despite all that, I’ve decided that I will post daily my six word memoir and aim to do this for at least a month. What was it that they said about how long it takes to create a habit? Is it 30 days or something? Thirty days, it is!

Stayed tuned, happy campers!