Hello world! I’ve been back from my digital detox for a few days but I’ve made it a goal to lessen my time on social media. I thought I’d share this little planning hack that I made yesterday

It’s a paperclip/ribbon bookmark. I mentioned in previous posts that I used either an origami bookmark or a single paperclip to bookmark pages in my notebook. I found that over time, the paperclips would emboss and sometimes tear the pages, and the origami bookmark would fall out. The inserts I use in my fauxdori don’t come with a lovely ribbon bookmark glued to the spine like the Moleskine and Piccadilly notebooks that I’ve used in the past. So I took a paperclip and cut out a piece of ribbon I had lying around to about an inch longer than the length of my notebook. I sewed the ribbon to one end of the paperclip (excuse my dodgy sewing skills).

I then clipped the paperclip to the back cover of my insert (see pic above).

I turned to my place in the notebook and brought the ribbon over to mark it. (Excuse the random pics on the photo, I’m typing this up on my phone). Et voila! Simple bookmarking hack. Have a great day!


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