new acquisitions

Sooooo, I’ve been feeling somewhat overworked, underappreciated, and just plain crappy the last couple of months. Nothing related to anything major but I’m beginning to be a bit disillusioned with my current employment. But that aside, I went on a small shopping spree to make myself feel better without breaking the bank.

I bought my very first Lamy Safari pen. It’s a pretty yellow fountain pen and I bought some black cartridges to fill this beauty up.

This is a sample from my word art journal using the Lamy Safari. I like the flow of the ink and the nib is very conforming. I tried it on one of my sketch days with some watercolours and didn’t like it so much. I know you can buy a converter and re-ink it with Noodlers ink but we’ll see what kind of genius plan I have to adapt it to my needs.

The next purchase I made was this traveller’s document wallet from Kikki.K. I don’t normally shop at this place but it was half price!!!

I’m not too fussed on the quality of the product – frayed edges, dried glue in some places, but whatever, it’s functional. I had been sourcing and trying out different materials to make a fauxdori and I basically gave up. I came up with the idea on a train ride home a few weeks ago that essentially an MTN is like a traveller’s document wallet without the trimmings. So I went out in search for a document wallet that didn’t that those stupid accordion-type fold out. It was a long search! It had to fall into my budget of $30 and be made of leather. I figured that I would only ever use two notebooks anyway – bullet journal and art journal – for my everyday usage. Anyway, this is what I came up with:

I slipped the back covers of each journal into the back slips – nothing ground breaking but it has worked a treat for me. There are some card holders at the front that I use for collecting ephemera on my daily travels, a zipper pocket that I haven’t really used yet, and another slip at the back that I’ve resorted to not using because the inside keeps fraying. Other than that, because it’s a full zip closure I can stuff bills, dockets, etc. during the day as well and it’s all in one place. I am one happy girl :)

So world, talk to me, what are some purchases you’ve made lately? What are some ingenious organisational hacks you’ve made and want to share?