I’ve been reading a few blogging, writing, reading, etc. challenges online the last couple of days. I was in contemplation of starting one up to ease the monotony of unemployment, but then I realised that once I actually start working again, I probably won’t be able to sustain it.

I enlisted myself to take part in InCoWriMo for 14 days in February, and MoreLoveLetters on a fornightly to monthly basis. I’m not particularly part of any blogging networks or such, and quite frankly, I do this because I love writing. I’m just out of ideas, and this was where I ended up the last time I attempted blogging. Hmmm, maybe I need to find a specific topic of interest for this blog, but anyhoo…

Despite all that, I’ve decided that I will post daily my six word memoir and aim to do this for at least a month. What was it that they said about how long it takes to create a habit? Is it 30 days or something? Thirty days, it is!

Stayed tuned, happy campers!


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