holy dooley!

I started this blog mainly as an avenue to write about my interests. I have a lot of friends, all with different interests, but strangely enough, I get along with all of them. I have friends I like to go dancing with and social events; friends who share my utter (obsessive) love of stationery (you know who you are!); friends I enjoy sitting down with over a coffee and talk about life; friends who share my passion for books, art, knitting/crochet, and craft; friends who weren’t friends in my past who’ve stayed around and I’m so grateful they did; friends I’ve known for half of my lifetime and we can take off where we left off; and friends who appreciate that for someone who once didn’t have much direction in life, I sure do plan a lot! :)

I maintained a blog quite regularly from 2003-2006, and then I just sort of lost interest. I picked it up again around 2011, but life got busy, and I didn’t really know what to write about anymore. I have a lot of different interests, much like my friends, and I guess, now that social media is connecting people even more than say even 5 years ago, I can find small pockets of communities and groups who share these same interests of mine. So I guess, in a long-winded way, I’m saying thank you to the readers and viewers of this blog since its inception in early January. Below are the current stats for my blog: stats

278 views (of all time) since last checked at 6am, with my bullet journal post getting the most views!! I know that it’s not a lot for some of the bigger, more established blogs out there, but this is really encouraging for me! So thanks for stopping by and making my day :)


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